how to clean vinyl so the cats come out and play
Doors, Windows
By Richard Farrell / August 20, 2019

How to Clean Vinyl Doors and Windows

Polyvinyl Chloride PVC has come a long way since German chemist Eugen Baumann accidentally synthesized it in 1872 after he...

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wind whistling
By Richard Farrell / August 9, 2019

The Wind Whistling Through Windows

When you’re trying to sleep and you have wind whistling through a window, your first inclination is to haul yourself...

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dream collection
By Richard Farrell / July 31, 2019

Dream Collection – The Best Colours

James Hardie’s incredible dream collection of seven hundred amazing colours can appear confusing when scrolling through it the first time....

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colour plus
By Richard Farrell / July 24, 2019

James Hardie’s Exciting Colour Plus

James Hardie has been making fibre-cement boards and strips for over twenty years. During this time they have become a...

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rain screen principle
By Richard Farrell / July 18, 2019

A Good Rain Screen for a Dry Home

A rain screen, in the context of siding is a double moisture barrier. The outer siding could leak between the...

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Hardie Plank style Siding
By Richard Farrell / July 11, 2019

Traditional Lap Siding Shingles Boards and Battens

Siding, also known as wall cladding traditionally attaches to the outside of homes, and many other buildings in the Greater...

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