Meet Fiber Cement Siding

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Meet Fiber Cement Siding

Meet Fiber Cement Siding

You’ve probably heard that you only get once chance to make a first impression. That’s as true for houses and buildings as it is for people. A home or building with a modern, updated exterior, one that reflects your personal taste and has stayed in good condition, that puts potential buyers in the right frame of mind before they even enter the door. It used to be true that exterior siding was bound to be costly, to be expensive to install, and to require lots of upkeep. Thanks to modern materials, that’s no longer true, and you don’t have to compromise quality for price and convenience. Vinyl is one great option, especially for the highly budget-conscious consumer, but what if vinyl doesn’t meet your needs? The right choice might be a term you’ve never even heard: Fiber cement siding.


Fiber Cement Siding? What’s That?

Fiber cement siding is a composite material, a combination of cement, sand, and cellulose (a plant product). The resulting material skillfully imitates traditional wooden siding in all its forms, including boards, planks, and shingles. Fiber cement siding can also be used in sheet form for a uniquely modern look.


A Wealth of Advantages

The advantages of fiber cement siding aren’t limited to its ability to provide a sophisticated, attractive exterior. Fiber cement siding is also:

  • –        Durable. Weather proof and long-lading, it is far less susceptible to weather conditions, including the rain and damp of the Pacific Northwest. As it ages, it won’t warp and won’t bend.
  • –        Pest proof. Fiber cement is resistant to termites and rot.
  • –        Fire safe. Fiber cement siding is non-combustible, meaning it won’t burn or melt, and provides protection for your family or business.
  • –        Flexible. Fiber cement comes in a wide variety of textures and veneers. It’s also fully paintable, so you aren’t locked in to one colour at installation time.


Choose to Work With an Industry Leader

James Hardie has been virtually synonymous with fiber cement siding since its inception, and has now been installed on over five million North American homes. In 2013, James Hardie earned the Good Housekeeping Seal of Approval for its products. James Hardie has even confronted one of the main downsides of fiber cement siding: It generally needs to be painted regularly. With Hardie’s ColorPlankĀ®  technology, their siding, like vinyl, is installed with the colour you choose.


Silverline Exteriors carries a full range of siding products, including fiber cement. They are particularly proud to carry a full line of James Hardie products. Silverline is a one-stop exterior renovation company at Port Coquitlam and serves homes and businesses throughout the Greater Vancouver area.

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